37th Anniversary Celebration · Development Chapter | Scale Development, Outstanding Results

From 1983 to 2020, the number of personnel in Legal Shengbang continued to grow from the initial 12, with a total of 551 employees. This is not just a simple set of comparative data, but also the joint efforts of countless outstanding Legal Shengbang people over the past 37 years.

In the previous article, readers had a preliminary understanding of the founding history of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm (for a review, please click on the "37th Anniversary Celebration - Founding Chapter | Reform and Opening up, Passing on"). From 1983 to 2020, the number of personnel in Legal Shengbang continued to grow from the initial 12, with a total of 551 employees. This is not just a simple set of comparative data, but also the joint efforts of countless outstanding Legal Shengbang people over the past 37 years. Standing at this commemorative time node, we look back on the past and count the changes and developments of law firms together!



【In August 2004, Legal Shengbang held an Education Rectification Self inspection and Self correction Summary Conference】


【In 2005, Legal Shengbang held its 11th Partner Conference】

【In 2006, Legal Shengbang held the 2005 Annual Summary Conference】


【In 2007, Legal Shengbang held its 2006 Annual Summary and 13th Partner Meeting】

For the past 37 years, in terms of scale, revenue generation, and business, the people of Legal Shengbang have worked together and worked together to create multiple "firsts" for the company. From 2002 to 2006, the business revenue of Legal Shengbang achieved an average annual growth of 47%. In 2004, it was awarded the Excellent Award for Economic Contribution in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, and in 2006, it became the first law firm in Guangdong Province to generate revenue exceeding 100 million yuan; In 2016, three registered trademarks, including "Legal Shengbang", "Everwin Lawyer", and graphic registered trademarks, were recognized as famous trademarks in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City in the 45th category of "Legal Services and Legal Research" service projects. As a result, Legal Shengbang became a law firm that was recognized as a famous trademark in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City at the same time. In recent years, the business revenue generated by the headquarters and branches of Legal Shengbang has been among the top in the industry.


【In July 2005, all staff of Legal Shengbang celebrated the honor of being awarded the "National Excellent Law Firm" at the Chiba Hotel in Sanshui】



【In 2008, Legal Shengbang held a series of events to celebrate its 25th anniversary】




【In July 2010, the partners and all staff of Legal Shengbang took a group photo at the mobilization meeting for warning education and striving for excellence to create standardized management law firms】



【In 2012, Lawyers from Legal Shengbang took a group photo at the 10th anniversary celebration of the merger and reorganization】


Legal Shengbang has always emphasized standardized management and continuously strengthened internal control and management. For 37 years, Legal Shengbang has emphasized the combination of pre control and in-process control through process management to ensure the achievement of business quality and risk control. In order to make the operation of Legal Shengbang more efficient and standardized, Legal Shengbang has established a case management system, file management system, business learning and training system, office management system, and established internal systems such as legal business risk assessment and acceptance system, work assignment and organizational management system, verification and verification system, major matter discussion and review system, and legal document issuance system.



【In 2013, Legal Shengbang relocated from the 7th floor of the East Tower and West Tower of Yangcheng International Trade Center to the 31st floor of a building in Taikoo Hui】


【In February 2014, at the unveiling ceremony of the housewarming ceremony, Lawyer Sheng Bang of the Legal System took a group photo with various leaders and guests as a souvenir】


【In February 2014, Legal Shengbang held a housewarming celebration at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel】


【At the housewarming ceremony, lawyer Lv Yuejin, then the director of the law firm, gave a speech】


A sound institutional setup and standardized operational system have ensured the sustained, rapid, and healthy development of the legal system in Shengbang for many years. At present, the headquarters in Guangzhou is located in a super Grade A office building - the 31st floor and 3301-02, 05-06 units of Taikouhui Building, No. 385 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. It has an elegant, comfortable, and beautiful office area of approximately 5000 square meters, equipped with modern information technology and intelligent office facilities, and is located in Shenzhen, Dongguan Jiangmen has a branch office (currently, the national layout plan has been formulated, and more branches will be established nationwide and even overseas in the future).

The business scope of Legal Shengbang covers professional fields such as criminal business, construction and real estate, corporate legal affairs, international business, intellectual property, financial securities, wealth inheritance, administrative law, liquidation and bankruptcy, finance and taxation, labor and personnel security, transportation insurance, family and marriage, non-performing asset disposal, corporate legal advisor, criminal civil intersection, urban renewal, etc, Gradually developing into a large comprehensive law firm that provides comprehensive and high-quality legal services to domestic and foreign clients. In addition, Legal Shengbang is one of the few law firms in Guangdong Province that has qualifications as both a trademark agency and a patent agency.






【Our office is located in the office area of Taikoo Hui】


In addition, Legal Shengbang has served as a perennial legal advisor for several major government construction projects, including the Zhuhai Marine Environment Monitoring Center of the National Oceanic Administration, the Nansha District Statistics Bureau of Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Information Center, and the Guangdong Provincial Land and Resources Technology Center (Guangdong Basic Geographic Information Center); I have been serving as a member of Guangdong Baolihua Electric Power Co., Ltd., Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Taikouhui (Guangzhou) Development Co., Ltd., Wanling Industrial (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Haizhu District People's Government of Guangzhou, Wenquan Town People's Government of Conghua District, Southern Regulatory Bureau of the National Energy Administration, Guangdong Olympic Sports Center, Guangdong Radio and Television Development Center for many years Legal advisors from thousands of enterprises, institutions, and administrative agencies, including the Guangzhou Housing Transaction Supervision Center, establish and improve contract management systems and accounts receivable management systems for legal advisory units every year. Based on the actual needs of legal advisory units, they provide legal risk management knowledge training. In the development process, we have adhered to keeping up with the times, and the performance of Legal Shengbang has always been among the leading ranks in the legal industry of Guangdong Province.


【On August 8, 2018, Legal Shengbang held a symposium and sharing session on the theme of "Review and Outlook" - the 35th anniversary of its establishment】



【On December 26, 2018, Legal Shengbang held the 2018 Conference and 35th Anniversary Celebration Party at the Ritz Carlton Hotel】



【At the 35th anniversary celebration party, the management personnel collectively toasted】



【At the 35th anniversary celebration party, Lawyer Wu Xiang, the current director of the law firm, gave a speech】



【In August 2019, Legal Shengbang held a 36th anniversary celebration, open day, and unveiling ceremony for the 33rd floor expansion of Taikoo Hui. The headquarters office area reached approximately 4700 square meters】



【In July 2020, Legal Shengbang continued to increase its office space according to development needs, and conducted a simple handover ceremony for the expanded rental site. The headquarters office area reached approximately 5000 square meters】



【In March 2019, Guangdong Legal Shengbang (Jiangmen) Law Firm held an opening ceremony on the 36th floor of Block A, Wanda Plaza Office Building, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City】



【In August 2020, Legal Shengbang held the theme event of "37th Anniversary Celebration · Open Day and Business Development Forum"】


After more than thirty years of trials and tribulations, adhering to the spirit of "building a system with the law and prospering the country", the reputation of the legal system prospering the country in the industry has continuously improved. Along the way, it has won numerous honor awards and qualifications issued by the judicial administration department, provincial and municipal law associations, and various sectors of society. In the next series of articles - "Celebration of the 37th Anniversary - Honors | Brand Building, Outstanding Achievements", we will continue to provide you with detailed introductions, Welcome readers to continue paying attention!