Legal Shengbang Dynamics | Our company holds the theme event of "37th Anniversary Celebration, Open Day, and Business Development Forum"

2020 is the closing year for the comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society and the 13th Five Year Plan, and a crucial year for achieving the first centenary goal.

2020 is the closing year for the comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society and the 13th Five Year Plan, and a crucial year for achieving the first centenary goal. For Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as "Legal Shengbang" or "our firm"), 2020 is the 37th year that our colleagues have gone through together. With great expectations and best wishes, on the morning of August 8, 2020, our company successfully held an anniversary celebration event with the theme of "37th Anniversary Celebration · Open Day and Business Development Forum".



Director Wu Xiang, Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Yuquan, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Zhang Xihai, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Zheng Haiying, Management Partners Chen Guangpeng, Li Xiujiao, Liu Changchang, Liu Xinggui, Yang Ruihua, Director Zhong Yuanmao of the Shenzhen Branch, Lawyers Dong Mingqing and Zhong Yiping, Deputy Director of the Dongguan Branch Management Committee Yuan Qi, Senior Partner Li Linjie, Principal Hong Rongfeng of the Jiangmen Branch, Executive Director Luo Meiping, and Lawyers Peng Chunfeng, More than 100 senior partners, business department heads, deputy ministers, and secretaries from the headquarters, as well as senior lawyers, outstanding young and middle-aged lawyers, intern lawyers, and legal assistants, participated in the event. Senior partner Zhong Tiehui served as the host for this event.


【Director Wu Xiang】

At 9:30 am, the anniversary celebration officially kicked off. Director Wu Xiang first delivered a speech on stage, summarizing the institute's epidemic prevention and control work, business activities and exchanges, honors and qualifications obtained in the first half of the year, current situation, and future development.


【Secretary Zhang Yuquan】



【Lawyer Song Jiangang】



【Lawyer Li Lianchang】

Lawyer Song Jiangang, a partner, has put forward very relevant suggestions to young lawyers. Youth is capital, and experience is wealth. We hope that everyone can cherish every moment of their time, improve their professional abilities, and keep up with the times. Lawyer Li Changlian, a partner, shared his experience and story after joining Legal Shengbang with everyone, which was touching. He expressed his great love for the various colorful cultural construction activities organized by the law firm, and had been with Legal Shengbang for more than thirty years, full of deep love and affection for Legal Shengbang.









[Photos of the First Batch of Civil Code Members' Certification Ceremony of Our Institute]

In order to promote the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China in depth, the Guangzhou Law Association and major law firms have also established a civil code propaganda group. In this context, the Legal Shengbang Institute officially established the first batch of Civil Code preaching teams to deploy and promote the work of lawyers preaching the Civil Code. At the event, Director Wu Xiang announced the list of the first batch of preaching groups and awarded certificates to the members.

During the business development forum, representatives from the headquarters, part-time lawyers, and branch lawyers delivered keynote speeches around hot topics.



【Lawyer Luo Suifang】

Lawyers from the head office were represented by lawyers Luo Suifang, Tang Yong, and Qin Jianlong. After three lawyers gave their blessings to Legal Shengbang at the age of 37, Lawyer Luo Suifang shared a speech on the theme of "Law Firm Trademark and Brand Maintenance". "A trademark is a symbol that distinguishes the source of goods or services, and a brand carries people's recognition of goods or services. As a member of the market economy, Legal Shengbang Law Firm's popularity and competitiveness cannot be separated from Legal Shengbang's trademark and brand.



【Lawyer Tang Yong】

Lawyer Tang Yong shared the theme of "positioning, development, and prospects of government legal advisory business", focusing on the positioning, development versions, and development path prospects of government legal advisory business.



【Lawyer Qin Jianlong】

Lawyer Qin Jianlong shared the theme of "Lawyer's Mission and Value of the Times - How Law Firms Develop Public Welfare". He proposed, "Lawyers engaged in public welfare legal services should comply with the law and regulations, be diligent and responsible, and can sign service agreements with service recipients, stipulate service content, methods, working conditions, etc., standardize service processes, and ensure service quality


【Lawyer Liu Zhiqiang】

Professor Liu Zhiqiang, a part-time lawyer and specially appointed professor of Guangzhou scholars at our institute, gave a speech based on his academic research achievements. He mainly focused on the legal differences between human rights law and personality rights law in the civil code, and emphasized the construction of the human rights meaning of personality rights law in the civil code. He also analyzed the legal relationship, obligation subjects, and regulatory content of the adjustment of personality rights law in the human rights law and the civil code.


【Lawyer Zeng Youxiang】

As one of the part-time lawyer representatives, Lawyer Zeng Youxiang, a part-time lawyer from our institute, a law doctoral student from Southwest University of Political Science and Law, and a doctoral supervisor from South China University of Technology, shared the story titled "I Grow Together with a Legal Prosperous Country". The relaxed and humorous atmosphere received applause from the audience.



【Lawyer Yuan Qi】



【Lawyer Zhong Yiping】



【Lawyer Luo Meiping】

Subsequently, Yuan Qi, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Dongguan Branch, Zhong Yiping, Representative of Shenzhen Branch, and Luo Meiping, Executive Director of Jiangmen Branch, delivered keynote speeches on "The Past, Present, and Future of Dongguan Legal Prosperity", "Personal Development of Young Lawyers", and "The Road to Integrated Business Development of Law Firm".





【Some activity photos】

During the tea break, the attending guests shared exquisite tea breaks and fruits, and as the anniversary cake was slowly launched, the atmosphere reached a climax. The whole venue was like an ocean filled with joy, and everyone actively participated in many rich and exciting activities, experiencing the joy and excitement of this celebration together.





【Some activity photos】



From 1983 to 2020, the number of employees in the headquarters reached 551, which is not just a simple set of comparative data. Behind this is the joint efforts of countless outstanding legal professionals in the past 37 years. August 8th every year is not only the birthday of the legal prosperous nation, but also a holiday for our colleagues. The concept of "building a system with the law and prospering the country" has been deeply engraved in the hearts of every legal and prosperous nation. With this original aspiration and mission, we will also forge ahead and forge ahead in the future journey!