Heavyweight! The Office of the Communist Party of China and the State Council have issued a document: New Year's Day and the Spring Festival are approaching, and party members must take the lead in doing these 9 things!

Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job during the 2018 New Year's Day and Spring Festival".

What dry goods are included in the notice? What are the requirements for party members and cadres? Come and see it quickly!


1、 Caring for the Life of Difficult Masses with Heart, Emotion, and Effort

Leading the people to create a better life is the unwavering goal of our Party. Party committees and governments at all levels should always keep the warmth and well-being of the people in mind, strengthen their responsibilities, carefully arrange, and widely carry out activities such as visiting and comforting, assisting and providing warmth, so that the people can have more sense of gain and happiness, and personally feel the care and warmth of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Leaders and cadres at all levels should go deep into the grassroots and the masses, implement various poverty alleviation and benefit policies, and help poverty-stricken areas, disaster stricken areas, and disadvantaged populations and workers solve practical problems in production and life. Timely and fully distribute basic pensions, unemployment insurance benefits, preferential benefits for beneficiaries, and social security benefits for landless farmers to retirees and elderly urban and rural residents. We will solidly carry out assistance and assistance work for low-income families, registered poverty-stricken families, disabled families, zero employment families, extremely poor people, and workers in need of production capacity, and promptly solve the sudden, urgent, and temporary basic living difficulties encountered by the disadvantaged, Timely rescue of stranded, homeless, and homeless individuals living on the streets. Accelerate the recovery and reconstruction of damaged houses in the disaster area, and properly arrange the winter and spring lives of the affected people. Increase assistance and safety protection efforts for empty nest elderly, orphaned and abandoned children, rural left behind children, and children in need. We will carry out a special inspection on the payment of wages for migrant workers, find out the bottom line, pay off debts promptly, crack down on malicious unpaid behavior, and ensure that migrant workers who have worked hard for a year receive money to go home. Take timely and effective measures to solve the heating difficulties in some northern "coal ban" areas, and ensure that the people are warm during the winter.



2、 Effectively ensuring the supply and stable operation of the holiday market

Utilize market mechanism regulation and administrative supervision measures to ensure the supply of important agricultural and sideline products such as grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, and milk in the market, improve the connection between supply and demand of coal, electricity, oil, and gas transportation, strengthen price supervision on medical, transportation, tourism, commercial retail, etc., maintain market order, and maintain basic price stability. Strengthen the investigation and special management of food and drug safety risks, strictly prevent regional and systemic food safety problems, and ensure the safety of medication for the public. Standardize marketing activities for goods and services, strengthen supervision of centralized online promotional activities, strictly investigate and punish unfair competition, sales of counterfeit and inferior goods, and safeguard consumer rights in accordance with the law.



3、 Enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses

Adopting various forms and means to deeply promote the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, party members and cadres should make full use of opportunities such as visiting and consoling, carrying out poverty alleviation, and visiting relatives and friends to do a good job in propaganda and interpretation, so as to deeply ingrain the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in people's hearts. Vigorously cultivate and promote the core socialist values, sing the main melody, and launch a batch of excellent literary and artistic works that reflect the new era, new atmosphere, and new achievements. We will extensively carry out cultural and beneficial activities such as "Our Chinese Dream" - "Culture Brings to Thousands of Families," "Sending Joy to the Grassroots", organize cultural and artistic teams to carry out cultural activities in impoverished counties and townships, and hold exhibitions of traditional cultural programs such as intangible cultural heritage and folk customs, Increase the free opening of public cultural facilities and enrich the supply of holiday cultural products and services. Deeply carry out the work of "eliminating pornography and illegal activities", resolutely resist vulgar and vulgar phenomena, and purify the market for holiday culture. Enrich tourism products, strengthen tourism market regulation, advocate civilized tourism, and improve tourism quality and experience.



4、 Solidly carry out Spring Festival transportation work

Give full play to the coordination mechanism of the Spring Festival transportation work, coordinate and arrange various tasks of the Spring Festival transportation, increase the supply of transportation capacity, strengthen the connection and cooperation of railways, highways, waterways, civil aviation, urban public transportation, etc., and ensure that the people can walk and walk well. Effectively improve the quality of Spring Festival travel services, strengthen passenger flow monitoring and information release, optimize ticket sales organizations, expand internet ticket sales channels, and improve ticket and ride services for groups such as migrant workers and students. Improve emergency plans to ensure timely and effective handling of emergencies such as severe weather and passenger detention. Strengthen the safety work of Spring Festival travel, conduct in-depth investigation and rectification of traffic safety hazards, seriously investigate and punish various illegal and irregular behaviors, and ensure the safety of people's travel.



5、 Strengthen the implementation of safety production responsibilities

We will firmly establish the concept of safe development, fully implement the responsibilities of local management and departmental supervision, carry out special rectification of safety production, and highlight the investigation and rectification of safety hazards in key industries such as coal mines, non coal mines, hazardous chemicals, civilian explosives, fireworks and firecrackers, construction, water, electricity, gas and heat, and vehicle and ship ports and stations. We will strictly implement the inspection and rectification of safety hazards in densely populated areas, flammable and explosive places Key areas such as labor-intensive enterprises should take safety precautions to prevent major and major safety accidents from occurring. Strengthen the safety control of large-scale mass activities to prevent accidents such as crowding and stampede. Concentrate on conducting major fire safety inspections, strengthen the investigation and rectification of fire risks and hidden dangers in schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, shopping malls and markets, entertainment venues, social welfare institutions, high-rise buildings, underground engineering, old residential buildings, rental houses, etc., do a good job in forest fire prevention, and strictly prevent fire accidents from occurring. Strengthen public health management, effectively monitor and prevent sudden public health events such as influenza and H7N9. Do a good job in predicting, warning, and emergency response to catastrophic weather such as rain, snow, freezing, and cold waves, as well as heavy pollution weather.



6、 Fully maintain social harmony and stability

We will carry out in-depth investigation and resolution of social conflicts and disputes, properly handle conflicts caused by environmental protection, land acquisition and demolition, salary and debt collection, medical disputes, investment and financing, job transfer resettlement, campus management, etc., increase efforts in petition work, timely and on-site resolution of petition issues, and effectively prevent the occurrence of various group incidents. Strengthen overall social prevention and control, strictly implement safety management measures in key areas, concentrate on carrying out public security rectification actions, crack down on illegal crimes such as gun related explosions, pornography, gambling and drugs, theft, robbery and deception, illegal fundraising, pyramid schemes, telecommunications network fraud, and infringement of citizens' personal information, increase efforts to crack down on black and evil forces, rectify rural public security chaos, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property. Strictly crack down on various infiltration, subversion and destruction activities, violent terrorist activities, ethnic separatist activities, and religious extremist activities in accordance with the law, conduct in-depth investigations of security risks related to terrorism in key areas and regions, and strictly prevent violent and terrorist incidents.



7、 Advocating a new trend of diligence, frugality, civilization, and holidays

Inheriting the traditional virtues of filial piety and respect for the elderly of the Chinese nation and the Chinese New Year culture of family reunion, advocating a rational, civilized, and healthy consumption and human values, guiding people to practice frugality and avoid extravagance, changing customs, and consciously resisting bad customs such as hosting large banquets and extravagance. We will strictly enforce financial discipline, resolutely prevent sudden spending at the end of the year, strictly prohibit the issuance of allowances, subsidies, bonuses, and physical items in violation of regulations, and strictly prohibit the use of financial funds to hold annual meetings and commercial cultural performances. Pragmatic and frugal organization of normal party, league, and trade union activities, ensuring that cadres and employees enjoy normal welfare benefits according to regulations. Strengthen incentives, care, and assistance within the party, organize and carry out year-end visits to visit and comfort party members, veteran party members, cadres, retired military cadres, veterans, and families of martyrs in need. Care for and care for cadres and employees who adhere to the frontline of work, and effectively arrange and ensure their lives.



8、 Persist in maintaining good conduct and discipline

Party members and leading cadres should take the lead in implementing the spirit of the Eight Point Regulations of the Central Committee and the newly revised implementation rules, take the lead in changing their work style, correcting the "Four Winds", and especially refrain from formalism and bureaucratism such as making too many statements, making too many adjustments, and taking too few actions and implementing too poorly; Take the lead in complying with various regulations on integrity and self-discipline, resolutely eliminate "holiday corruption", and resolutely oppose privileged ideas and behaviors. It is strictly prohibited to use public funds to eat, drink, travel, and participate in high consumption entertainment and fitness activities in violation of regulations. It is strictly prohibited to use public funds to purchase and give New Year cards, fireworks and firecrackers, and other New Year gifts. It is also strictly prohibited to receive and give gifts, gift money, consumption cards, etc. in violation of regulations. It is strictly prohibited to engage in wedding, funeral, and festive activities or take advantage of opportunities to accumulate wealth in violation of regulations. It is strictly prohibited to use public cars for personal use or "private car maintenance". It is strictly prohibited to enter private clubs in violation of regulations, and it is strictly prohibited to participate in hometown clubs, alumni. Pay close attention to the new trends of the "Four Winds" and address the issue of hidden and mutated violations in a targeted manner. Strengthen supervision, discipline enforcement, and accountability, strictly investigate and promptly handle violations of discipline, and report typical problems to the public by naming and disclosing their names. Strictly enforce the discipline requirements for the change of office, strictly investigate and punish the use of New Year's Day and Spring Festival to solicit votes, bribe candidates, intercede and greet officials, and create a clean and upright environment for the change of office.



9、 Seriously carry out on duty emergency work

We need to implement the job responsibility system, strictly implement the system of reporting leaders going out, strictly implement the 24-hour system of dedicated personnel on duty and leading cadres on duty, and ensure the normal and orderly operation of all work during holidays. Improve emergency mechanisms, promptly seek instructions and reports in case of emergencies, and take effective measures to properly respond and handle them. Units that directly serve the public, such as public security, firefighting, hospitals, banks, water supply, heating, power supply, and gas supply, should arrange holiday duty to ensure service quality.