Spring Sadness - Leading to the Frontline of Anti epidemic

Spring Sadness
——To the frontline of epidemic prevention and control
Author: Luo Bin
(Lawyer from Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm)
Shake the cradle of spring,
I spread the fragrance in my dreams;
A moonless night,
The stars gather on the cold horizon;
The restless wind in the distance,
Blowing strands of sadness,
I woke up in the residual dreams of winter,
Seeing pain filling the world;
Tears condensed from loneliness and fear,
Falling on the bitter land and mountain mist. 
Through the green forests,
The distant mountain has turned purple with tears;
In the trembling of the first glow,
The North Star still shimmers;
I heard the light and resolute footsteps,
Following the rhythm of the dance of death,
On an unpredictable journey back and forth;
That is the long drum that beats the soul,
It is a clear spring poured with sweet and refreshing love;
A song as powerful as a flood,
Roll up the waves of life. 
Beautiful years,
An ordinary figure,
Pick up fresh life;
God of Spring,
I stand in front of you with my hands folded every day;
With my light and shallow words,
Sing the poetry of a beautiful and beautiful year. 
Don't cry, my Wuhan,
Raise your sad head,
With you and me, there is an indestructible belief;
Spring is coming soon,
The boundless fields filled with rapeseed,
It will also ignite the flame of yellow flowers;
The candlesticks of countless households,
It will also decorate the warm world.