Lawyer Nan Fang, Senior Partner of Legal Shengbang, Participated in the Provincial Lawyers Association's "Guangdong East Tour Shantou Station, Shanwei Station" Tour Lecture Forum

【Shantou Station Site】

【On site at Shanwei Station】

In order to further improve the criminal professional level and ability of lawyers in our province, on August 4th and 5th, 2018, the Professional Committee for Duty Crime Defense of the Provincial Lawyers Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Provincial Duty Crime Defense Committee") and the Professional Committee for Economic Crime Defense (hereinafter referred to as the "Provincial Economy Defense Committee") jointly organized the Shantou City Lawyers Association, Chaozhou City Lawyers Association, Jieyang City Lawyers Association, and Shanwei City Lawyers Association in Shantou City, Guangdong Province Shanwei City successfully held the "New Situation, Enhancing Lawyers' Criminal Business Ability Tour Forum".

【 presided over by Zhang Jingzhong, Deputy Director of the Provincial Economic and Debate Commission 】

Zheng Zhuowu, Vice President of Shantou Lawyers Association

Zhuo Xuelong, Vice President of Shanwei Law Association

At this forum, more than 200 lawyers participated in the Shantou station, presided over by Zhang Jingzhong, Deputy Director of the Provincial Economic and Debate Commission, and welcomed by Zheng Zhuowu, Vice President of the Shantou Law Association; More than 60 lawyers participated in the Shanwei Station, hosted by Vice President Zhuo Xuelong of the Shanwei Law Association and delivered a welcome speech.

Nan Fang, Senior Partner of Legal Shengbang and Director of Provincial Economic and Debate Commission

In this lecture tour, the main speakers were: Nan Fang, Senior Partner of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm and Director of the Provincial Economic and Social Defense Commission (Teaching Topic: Comprehensive Skills of Court Questions), Hong Shuyong, Member (Teaching Topic: Etiquette for Lawyers to Receive Clients and How to Charge), Wu Bingbo, Deputy Director of the Provincial Economic and Social Defense Commission (Teaching Topic: Pre court Meetings for Drug Crime Defense and Practice of Excluding Illegal Evidence) Member Song Fuxin (teaching topic: defense strategies and techniques for duty crimes).

【 Lecture by Nan Fang Lawyer 】

In the forum, Lawyer Nan Fang gave a lecture on "Comprehensive Skills of Court Questioning", which mainly focused on the purpose and rules of questioning, court questioning etiquette, types of questioning, and inappropriate ways of questioning; We also cited Chinese and foreign cases to illustrate the strategy of questioning in the court. Firstly, we emphasize that when defense lawyers discover that the other party is improperly questioning, they should take action in a timely manner, raise objections in a timely manner, and briefly explain the reasons, in order to gain the recognition of the presiding judge and prevent the other party from achieving the purpose of questioning. Of course, to master this skill, the prerequisite is to be very familiar with and sensitive to the type of questioning, and be able to quickly reflect the unfairness of the other party's questioning, so as to timely and accurately attack; Secondly, when the defender asks questions themselves, they should avoid inducing questions and break down complex sentences into single sentences; Thirdly, it is emphasized that when asking questions, one should not touch questions that one does not know the answer to, in order to avoid obtaining answers that are not only detrimental to oneself, but also to continuously confirm and strengthen the correctness of the other party's viewpoint.

In the middle of the story, Lawyer Nan Fang cites a drug transportation case to demonstrate the situation of questioning the defendant from the perspective of the prosecutor and the defense lawyer, allowing everyone to truly feel that the design and perspective of the questioning questions are different, and the results obtained are completely different.

Speech by Lawyers Participating in Shantou Station

After explaining the above skills, Lawyer Nan Fang specially arranged an on-site exercise session, using a case of intentional injury as an example, to practice how to demonstrate the defendant's legitimate defense through questioning when the victim and their son were besieged and their lives were threatened.

Finally, Lawyer Nan Fang emphasized that the skill of questioning is not something that can be mastered by listening to a few classes. It requires familiarizing oneself with the basic knowledge of questioning, constantly practicing in court, summarizing and summarizing after the trial, and then practicing in court, repeatedly practicing and summarizing. Only in this way can the questioning skill reach a level of proficiency and ease of use, and better help one's clients.

Zhong Jun'an, supervisor of Guangdong Provincial Lawyers Association, issued supervisor opinions

In the touring forum, the opinions of General Manager Zhong Jun'an, the supervisor of Guangdong Provincial Lawyers Association, are as follows: 1. The forum is well organized and can conscientiously implement the relevant regulations of the Guangdong Provincial Lawyers Association; 2、 Lawyers from Chaoshan have a high enthusiasm for attending the forum; 3、 The four teaching lawyers in this forum all have high professional level, clear focus, and targeted goals; 4、 This forum has a good format, which helps to promote the development of the lawyer industry in eastern Guangdong and improve the criminal defense skills of lawyers in Chaoshan.

After the training, the attending lawyers expressed that they had gained a lot today. They not only broadened their thinking on handling criminal cases, but also improved their professional skills in handling criminal cases. They expressed that the Provincial Lawyers Association's handling of the lecture tour is a treasure trove of criminal lawyer experience and wisdom, which is of great significance for improving the experience of lawyers in the province.

[Group photo of the speaker and attending leaders at Shantou Station]

[Group photo of the speaker and attending leaders at Shanwei Station]